Mrs Parker owns and operates a meat shop that processes and packages parcels of minced meat that is being sold to schools in the US. Her scales are all calibrated to perform measurement in pounds, however when the parcels are packaged, they need to be labelled in ounces. Mrs Parker has established that 1 pound is equivalent to 16 ounces. In each production cycle, 250 packs of meat are processed and the weight in pounds varies for each package. Mrs Parker is also interested in knowing the total costs, the total revenue and the total profit of each production run, given that the costs to produce and package an ounce of meat is US $0.25 and that the selling price of an ounce of meat is US $0.55. Because you are a budding Software Engineer, she has sought your assistance in creating a software solution that can be used within the business establishment. 

Required: A. Specifically identify the type of control structure which is needed to process the meat in each production run and provide a reason for your choice (4 marks) 

B. Your solution needs to represent the meat packages which are to be processed, how would you represent this appropriately in your program and what has guided your choice?  (4 marks) 

C. Construct a C# program that will solve Mrs Parker’s dilemma by making use of the choices made above. 

i. Implementation of the control structure to process the meat (2 marks) 

ii. Implementation of the meat packages to be processed (2 marks) 

iii. Calculation of costs, revenues, and profits (6 marks) 

iv. Appropriate program outputs displayed to the user