Read the article, “How Apple and Amazon security flaws led to my epic hacking” by Mat Honan. A PDF of the article is posted to Canvas. In addition, you can find it online

For additional information, read:

4 Security Lessons Learned from Mat Honan’s iCloud Account Hack

AFTER reading the article, answer the following questions:

2.In all, 4 accounts were hacked.  Briefly list all 4 with the extent of “damage” (why hacking into the specific account was a problem).  Include your opinion for each account as well.

  3.Googleacct.    What is Google’s two-factor authentication?    Clearly explain first A. what two-factor authentication is at Google, then B. provide a clear and specific example of how Google uses two-factor authentication, i.e. how do they do two-factor authentication. This needs to be understandable. [note be sure you understand how GOOGLE uses it!]

4.“Wired” successfully verified the hackers’ access technique by performing it on a different account.   When it came down to it, what were the final three items needed to successfully do this?  Simply list the three.

5.Mat Honan corresponded with the hacker.  A.  What was the hacker’s “name”? and B.  Why were the accounts hacked, i.e. what was the “target”? Be clear.

6.What are TWO lessons learned that YOU personally could apply, after having read this article?  [i.e. in addition to what the companies need to improve!].  Be specific and be sure these are take-aways from having read this article.