First Section 

In a 350- to 500-word essay, address the 4 questions. 

Case study: A publicly traded home builder has hired you to install a new wireless network. The company currently has a wireless network that is a few years old. The problem with the current wireless network is that it was built using proprietary standards instead of 802.11. This current wireless network does not have an upgrade path to 802.11.

On the new wireless network, the corporate office wants a system that allows construction workers to enter progress reports into the system in order to stay up-to-date with all the different community building sites. Each community has a model home that will need Wi-Fi to connect back to the corporate office in order to enter these reports. The construction workers will be using iPads to enter the information. The company currently has 32 sites across the country that will need Wi-Fi. 

In each of these sites, there will be two sales employees that will need to have Wireless IP Phones so that customers can get in touch with them easily. The sales employees will also have laptops, as well as two sales kiosks that allow customers to browse the different options to choose from for their new home build. The kiosks will connect to the Internet, and when the customer chooses their options, the information will be entered into a database. Once the customer chooses the options they want, the sales person will pull up the report on their laptops to print for the construction workers. 

Directions: Looking at the current wireless network and what the home builder would like to accomplish with the new network, explain to the company why the current wireless network will have to be replaced before you can begin the project. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has asked you to come up with a plan to implement this new wireless network. Include in your report:

1. A brief description of the problem with the current wireless network

2. The benefits of global/industry standards vs. proprietary standards

3. What types of problems exist with mixed standards 

4. A plan to correct the problems with the current wireless network


 Second section…. 


Project scope


Objectives of the Network:

1. Secure Service – What is the main objective of this network? 

2. Integration and Updates –What needs to be done to get the current network up-to-date?

3. Versatile Information Process –What does the network need to be able to do? For example, applications, devices, computers, laptops, etc. 

4. Collaboration – How will the network be used to collaborate with other offices? Other users in a different location?

5. Scalability – How will the network be able to adapt to change?

Intended Users –What type of mobility requirements, client device requirements, and signal coverage requirements are needed?

Design Assumptions – State the assumptions for unknown factors that could affect the project. 

Equipment Needs and Proposed Budget