Title: Information Technology Ethical Issues in Organizations

Paper type Essay

Paper format APA

Course level Undergraduate

Subject Area Ethics

# pages 2   ( or 600 words Minimum)

Spacing Double Spacing

# sources 4

Paper Details

Use the Capella library and other sources to research ethics issues and concerns specific to information technology in organizations. You may wish to start with the books and articles included in the Resources.

Given your personal experience with IT ethics issues and the research you have done, write 3–5 pages in which you address the following points:

1.Describe at least three types of ethical problems that organizations commonly face that are specific to information technology and how they should be handled.

2.Evaluate the need for information technology professionals to have a clear understanding of cyberethics.

3.Describe how various ethical systems have evolved in the information technology field.

4.Recommend a method for informing employees about the company’s IT ethics policy.

5.Conclude by describing the relationship between information technology and ethics in the workplace.

You are welcome and encouraged to use real-world scenarios as examples where relevant.

Additional Requirements

•Include a title page and a references page.

•Include an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph.

•Include a minimum of three research resources in your paper.

•Be sure to follow APA guidelines for style and formatting.

•Your finished assessment should be approximately 3–5 pages in length, excluding the title page and references page.