1. Network Topology (15 points): Describe in 2-3  paragraphs the network topology that you have selected. Explain why you  chose the topology, and how it will help you to meet your project needs 
  2. Technology Budget (10 points): Based on your needs  assessment and technology requirements listed during week 2, what would  be your total expenses needed to fully implement this network (outside  of the virtual environment?) You should be able to use the URLs that you  used in last week’s assignment to gain easy access to the prices. 
  3. Network Diagram (25 points):  Using Visio, or a similar charting tool, create a DETAILED network  diagram. Be sure to include your selected network topology, specific  hardware, software, IP addressing, networking and security standards,  selected services, etc. All components should be CLEARLY LABELED.   Week 3 Assignment 
    Use the attached template “IT491 Week Three Assignment” template for this week’s submission.