Write a procedure document for CSI that documents how to change a password in a platform of your choosing.

The document should be detailed enough, and yet understandable enough, for a reasonable, non-technical, non-IT person to follow the directions and successfully change the operating system password without the need to call for support in all but the most extreme cases.  (In the real world, there will always be the the ‘outlying’ cases that defy logic and defy documentation.)

Text should be as understandable as possible and as non-technical as practical.  Remember in a previous lecture that the standard reading level for a wide audience tends to be 8th or 9th grade.  Include a glossary where needed.

Visual aids should be included.  Screen captures or photographs are very helpful to the technically challenged.

For this assignment an Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint (or equivalent application) document will be acceptable.


This is usually an easy assignment because changing the password in most operating systems is very simple. You just need to describe the steps in getting there.

Most students tend to get caught up in the editing process.  Getting a prototype document put together, including screen captures, is usually pretty fast.  Editing can be a time black hole so be mindful of that.

Ask a non-technical person to read one of your drafts.  If they understand it, and can follow it, you have succeeded.