For this assignment you will need to find 2 partners: One should be someone you know, but not very well. This may be a class mate or co-worker. The other should be someone who knows you very well. A best friend or family member would work well for this. 

With a person whom you know or have some familiarity with, face each other for 5 minutes. Without speaking, write down everything you know about this person and have them write down everything they know about you. Do not talk during this time. When the 5 minutes is up, briefly go over the list you wrote about them and have them go over what they wrote about you. While discussing your lists, if you decide that you were incorrect about something on their list, you may change what you wrote about them. They may also change something about you if they decide they were not correct. YOU MAY NOT CHANGE WHAT THEY WROTE ABOUT YOU. Exchange lists so that you have what the other person wrote about you. 

With a person that you know well, repeat this same activity. You should now have two lists that identify characteristics about you.

Use MS Word to create a Johari Window. Create four window panes labeled according to the model on page 55 in your text. Using the two lists fill in each window with the appropriate characteristics. Things that you know about yourself that are on the list should be in the open window. Things on the list that you disagree with or did not realize goes in the blind window. Things you know about yourself that are not on the list likely goes in the hidden window. (Don’t get too personal, but put something there to show you understand the theory). What goes in the unknown window? Give examples of something that may be appropriate for that window.