You will be asked to fill various needs within an organization. Many decisions will be dictated by company policies. However, many will require you to make sound decisions based on your experience and ethics. Please address all the following in a prompt manner. How do you handle competing demands for your time?

  1. You need to install patches from Microsoft and reboot file/print server. How do you communicate this to your network clients and when do you perform the work?
  2. A developer says his application exited abruptly and he needs to get a report out today. He wants to run it from the computer room instead of his desk. How do you handle this request?
  3. The President of the company calls to let you know a new Vice President of Sales is starting today. He needs a network account and email account setup immediately for the new hire. He says that the new guy needs as account with all the same access as he has. How do you handle this request?