See assignment 10-45 

Provide the answers to all the descriptive statistics, stated in the problem.  

Correct output is required.  Also, presenting the work in a very professional and visually appealing manner is required to get full credit.  

Do Not send the final results in a protected view.

Make sure your formulas are included in the worksheet,  This allows me to change the numbers and confirm that the new answer is calculated correctly.

 10-45. Because of the employees’ increased use of IS resources for private purposes at Campus Travel, you have announced that a new acceptable use policy will be implemented. You have set up a website for the employees to provide feedback to the proposed changes; the results of this survey are stored in the file EthicsSurvey.csv. Your boss wants to use the survey results to find out what the greatest concerns in terms of ethical implications are for the employees, so you are asked to do the following: 

■ Complete the spreadsheet to include descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, mode, minimum, maximum, and range) for each survey item. Use formulas to calculate all statistics for the responses to the individual questions.  (Hint: In Microsoft Excel, you can look up the necessary formulas in the category “Statistical”; you will have to calculate the ranges yourself.) 

■ Format the means using color scales to highlight the items needing attention.

 ■ Make sure to professionally format the pages before submitting them to your instructor.