you can find the documents below please write an essay on the poem I am home again and also on the uses of indigenous literature please follow every instruction.

 Word Count: 500 words Style and Format: The paper should be formatted according to MLA style guide ( la_sample_paper.html ). Please type it in Times New Roman 12 font. Description Focusing on the poem “I am Home Again”, write an essay that highlights how Indigenous poetry play an important role in the construction of an aesthetic identity and culture for the Indigenous communities of Canada in the 21st century. Refer to the essay “The Uses of Indigenous Literature” to illustrate/ elaborate on the social function of Indigenous literature. Add a Works Cited page at the end of your essay and include both the poem and the essay in this list. Writing Hint In the introduction clearly identity the topos (of the poem). You should also have a clear thesis statement in the introduction that addresses the following question: Home does the poem “I’m Home Again” create an aesthetic identity for the Indigenous communities of Canada? This would be the working thesis which should be revised once the first draft has been prepared. The body paragraphs should highlight the specific devices (imagery/refrain/personification/symbolism/metaphor/analogy) addressed in the thesis. Ensure that your topic sentences are clear and specific and each paragraph is developed around the specific topic sentence. Dedicate one body paragraph to discuss how the poem can be read in light of the points discussed in the essay “The Uses of Indigenous Literature”. Your body paragraphs should use quotations from the poem. Try not to use quotations in the introduction or the conclusion.