Final Project


This is an individual project or max, two team project in which you will conduct research on computer/digital forensics to learn more about associated underpinnings.


The research you select should cover a forensics topic discussed or presented in the course. The topic you select is entirely up to you. I have included 6 examples below.  You can select one of these (first come/first serve) or submit your own.

Post in the Discussion Forum your Forensics Project. No Duplicate Forensics Project allowed.


Post your Forensics Project Name in the Discussion Forum with the names of your team-mates by Tuesday, October 6th.


The deliverable is (1) a report (PowerPoint) submitted to me in Blackboard (Final Project dropbox on Week 12 & Discussion Board thread) by Nov 10, and (2) a ten minute presentation in class on deliverable including any demo in Nov 10. The report should include:

– Project Description

– Project Goal/Objectives

– Details of Work Performed

– Outcomes

– Conclusion

Grading Rubric – 25 Points towards Final Grade:

– 15    points for Complexity of Project (High = 3, Medium = 2, Low = 1)

– 5    points for Report

– 5    points for Presentation


(10) Image File Tampering

Create an image file tampering using either a FaceSwap app, Photo Editing application to change the image file. Compare the hash, EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) metadata of all the files you have tampered from the original.

The project requires a brief paper and a power point document. 

Paper needs to be no more than 2 pages.

Need both assignments by 4pm Eastern. 11/17