The purpose of assignment is to log all time completed in the practicum experience during this course. This assignment is intended to allow you to show evidence of achievement of:

CLO1: Evaluate the role(s) of the doctorally prepared nurse in U.S. healthcare delivery system: past, present, and future. (DNP PO 2, 4, 5, 6; II, V, VI, VIII)

CLO 2: Plan a scholarship trajectory to continually improve the practice of the doctorally prepared nurse. (DNP PO 6; VIII)

CLO 3: Recommend resources that encourage evidence-based practice. (DNP PO 1, 3; I, III, IV)

CLO 4: Explore professional organization involvement and advocacy opportunities to support advanced nursing practice. (DNP PO 4, 6; V, VIII)

CLO5: Compose an electronic professional portfolio to demonstrate achievement of program outcomes and attainment of competency in all DNP Essentials. (DNP PO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; I-VIII)

Due Date: See the deadline stated in the Canvas Course Summary.


You must use the provided Excel Practicum Log template to document a running total of hours as they are accrued each week. Each activity must be documented on a new row in the Log. You will add additional activities to the same Log so that cumulative activities are documented in the same Log across the entire course. Handwritten entries or approvals are not accepted: The entire Log must be completed electronically!

Begin to the far left and complete each applicable column in order from left to right. Use the drop down boxes provided. Ensure the “Description of Activity” entry is specific, detailed, and clearly describes how the activity helped you meet the identified DNP Essential. (A lack of detail in what was accomplished, learned, or how the activity helped you meet the DNP Essential is the most common reason that entries are rejected by faculty).

DO NOT enter hours into the Project Hours, Prof Dev Hours, or Simulation Hours columns. Instead, place the number of hours completed in the Practicum Hours column only. Hours should be entered in 15 minutes increments using decimals. For example, completion of 3 hours is entered as 3; 3 hours and 15 minutes is entered as 3.25; 3 hours and 30 minutes is entered as 3.5; 3 hours and 45 minutes is entered as 3.75.

  1. Ensure the identifying information is completed at the top of the Log (names, phone numbers, and email addresses).
  2. Begin by entering the total approved hours previously earned in this program PLUS the hours you were granted credit for from your MSN program in the “Beginning Balance” box at the top of the Log.
  3. Ensure that each entry is an accurate reflection of the activities completed. DO NOT enter hours in blocks greater than four hours. If you work eight hours in the practicum setting, then you must make at least two entries. Each entry should specifically reflect what was accomplished during that time frame.
  4. The preceptor must approve all hours prior to the assignment deadline each week. The student is responsible for monitoring whether hours have been approved and reminding the preceptor of the need to do this. Unapproved hours will not count toward the course requirement of 120 hours.
  5. The preceptor approves entries by typing their initials in the the “Approved By” column. The preceptor may make narrative comments in the Approver Comments column but is not required to do so.
  6. Hours must contribute to the development/attainment of DNP Essentials but also executive leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is the students responsibility to ensure documentation clearly reflects these requirements.
  7. Students must document exposure to each of the DNP Essentials at least once during this course. Failure to reflect all DNP Essentials will result in course failure, so plan for this requirement at the beginning of the course.

Attached is a copy of the previous logs submitted, this should guide you. This practicum is carried out in a mnetal health clinic, not a hospital or school, nothing related to project should be used. select each DNP essential to reflect leadership activities and provide brief decryption in the description area as seen in attached.