1Based on the overview, developed after finishing chapter one (The context of healthcare Financial Management) Discuss does Health Information Technology Reduce healthcare Costs? Some analysts have suggested that the adoption of electronic medical records (EHR) by hospitals could eventually reduce annual healthcare expenditures by one third or more. Others have been far less sanguine about such projections, arguing that adopting such information technologies may in fact increase costs. State if you agree or disagree with reasons. Submission Instructions • Please post your original response by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. Your response should be a minimum of 5 sentences but should not exceed 250 words. Appropriately cite any of the references that you use to fully answer • • • Grading Rubrics Criteria Frequency Initial Assignment Posting Follow-Up Postings Unacceptable 0 Points Acceptable 1 Point Participates 1-2 Participates not times on the at all. same day. Posts adequate discussion with superficial thought and preparation; does not address all Posts no aspects of the discussion. task. Posts shallow contribution to Posts no discussion (e.g., follow-up agrees or responses to disagrees); does others. not enrich Good 2 Points Participates 12 times but postings not distributed throughout week. Excellent 3 Points Participates 34 times throughout the week. Posts well developed discussion that addresses all aspects of the task; lacks full development of concepts. Elaborates on an existing posting with further comment or observation. Posts well developed discussion that fully addresses and develops all aspects of the task. Demonstrates analysis of others’ posts; extends meaningful discussion by discussion. Content Contribution References & Support Clarity & Mechanics building on previous posts. Posts information that is offtopic, incorrect, or irrelevant to discussion. Repeats but does not add substantive information to the discussion. Posts information that is factually correct; lacks full development of concept or thought. Includes no references or supporting experience. Uses personal experience, but no references to readings or research. Incorporates some references from literature and personal experience. Posts long, unorganized or rude content that may contain multiple errors or may be inappropriate. Communicates in friendly, courteous and helpful manner with some errors in clarity or mechanics. Contributes valuable information to discussion with minor clarity or mechanics errors. Posts factually correct, reflective and substantive contribution; advances discussion. Uses references to literature, readings, or personal experience to support comments. Contributes to discussion with clear, concise comments formatted in an easy to read style that is free of grammatical or spelling errors. 2- Identify key factors affecting the health of individuals around the world? and the most important one in your country 3- In your opinion, Are Nutrition Journalists Taken as Seriously as Licensed Nutrition Healthcare Professionals? support your argument with reliable research. A. Highlight the Nutritionists and dietitians are the main practitioners of the science of nutrition. B. Provide an example of misleading headlines Sponsored By Journals nutrition 4- PHC 261 discussion board 1 “The 2.4 billion working people in the developing countries often have to endure employment conditions, which do not meet even basic occupational safety and health (OSH) standards. The lack of work safety, excessive workloads, and occupational physical, chemical and biological exposures result in occupational diseases, injuries and as many as 1.2 million fatalities each year. Furthermore, as little as 15% of workers in the developing countries have access to occupational health and safety services.” (Rantanen et al., 2004). In your own words, to what extent do you agree with the information provided by the quote above? Support your argument by giving further details about developing and developed countries with examples of the services. For reference, check chapter 2 in your book. 5- What is mean by Pathophysiology and What is a disease in your own words? Provide one or two examples of the most common diseases from the are you live with references. (Total Marks: 2.5 marks) 6- .To improve our learning outcomes there will be assignment discussion please do your best to write not more than 5 sentences and not more than 250 words about: the topic: stress can be another form of infection Share your thoughts on the idea, stated in the article “A new take on ”,psychoneuroimmunology Base your response on your reading of the article and of Chapter 2 of Pitts & Phillips .