Rubric 04-2

Write a 4 page policy proposal and practice guidelines for improving quality and performance associated with the benchmark metric underperformance you advocated for improving in your previous paper.

1. Explains the need for creating a policy and practice guidelines to address a shortfall in meeting a benchmark metric prescribed by local, state, or federal health care policies or laws. Clearly articulates the effects of benchmark underperformance and draws sound conclusions about the potential repercussions of inaction, based on credible evidence

2. Recommends ethical, evidence-based practice guidelines to improve targeted benchmarked performance prescribed by applicable local, state, or federal health care policies or laws. Provides clear and compelling justification, substantiated by credible evidence, for applying ethical and culturally inclusive performance improvement strategies.

3. Analyzes the potential effects of environmental factors on recommended practice guidelines. Identifies clear cause-and-effect relationships and the influence of those factors on specific recommendations.

4. Provides a perceptive and succinct explanation of why particular stakeholders and groups must be involved in further development and implementation of a proposed policy and practice guidelines. Offers clear and convincing rationale for stakeholder and group engagement and how it strengthens policy and facilitates changes in practice

Provide at least 3 references within the past 5 years based in United States please. Can reuse references from previous paper if you like