Rubric 04-4

Develop a 2-page training strategies summary and annotated agenda for a training session that will prepare a role group to succeed in implementing your proposed organizational policy and practice guidelines.

· Summarize evidence-based strategies for working with the role group to obtain their buy-in and prepare them to implement the new policy and apply the associated practice guidelines to their work.

. Why will these strategies be effective?

. What measures might provide early indications of success?

· Explain the impact of the new policy and practice guidelines.

. How they will be implemented?

. How will they affect the daily work routines and responsibilities of the role group?

· Justify the importance of the new policy and practice guidelines with regard to improving the quality of care or outcomes related to the role group’s work.

. How will the policy and guidelines help improve the quality of care or outcomes?

· Explain the role group’s importance in implementing the new policy and practice guidelines.

. Why is the work and buy-in of the role group important for successful implementation?

. How could you help the group feel empowered by their involvement during implementation?

· Determine appropriate and effective instructional content, learning activities, and materials for the training session.

. How will each proposed activity on your agenda support learning and skill development?

. Can you complete the training within the allotted two hours?

Cite at least 2 references in the last 5 years. Based in the United States please