Read Chapter 14 in Alligood (2022).  Orem states there is a need for a nursing language that is enabling for thinking nursing and articulating with other disciplines and for communicating nursing to others in nursing practice situations.

Describe what you think it means to “think nursing?” 

Give an example of nursing language and describe how it is effective for nursing communication. 

What barriers have you experienced in communicating nursing to others?  

Read Chapter 15 in Alligood (2022).    King discusses the goal setting process.

Share a clinical experience where goal setting was or would have been helpful. 

What consequences did you experience because of missed goals? 

What level of insistence can a nurse use for pursuit of a goal? 

Reference in APA format and use NARRATIVE FORM. PLEASE USE RUBIC


Alligood, M.R. (2022). Nursing theorists and their work (10th ed.).  Elsevier.