Assignment 1: Health Care Policy Bill Selection (5 points)
Read “Nurses’ Stages of Political Engagement” in Porche (2019) pages 280-281.
Assignment Criteria:
1. Research and choose a state or federal bill related to a health care policy issue of interest.
o This bill will be used for all course assignments
o The issue can be a bill that was passed in a recent legislative session, an issue currently in the legislature, or an issue
presented in the legislative session but ‘died’ in committee
o No duplicate bills unless approved by the instructor

2. Place the title of the bill in the subject line of the discussion post.
3. Post a brief description of the bill on the discussion board.  Use bulleted format.
o Identify if it is a state or federal bill
o Include the bill’s number (H.R.# or S#), title, purpose, intended group/population, and outcome (if already determined)
o Identify the bill’s legislative sponsors
o Explain the reason for selection