In 750-1,000 words, develop a testing scenario and a testing mitigation plan to validate the functionalities of the proposed informatics solution.

Include the following:

  1. Justify the      purpose of your proposed testing scenario, how you developed it, and how      it applies to your proposed informatics project.
  2. Determine and      discuss the items that need to be tested. Explain why these items are      crucial in the testing process.
  3. Propose      strategies for implementing the testing. Include stakeholders crucial to      the testing process.
  4. Determine what      specific elements are required for the testing phase and how the      information will be gathered and analyzed.
  5. Determine how      the test results will be documented. Describe a post-testing mitigation      plan for improving the informatics solution.

Cite a minimum of three scholarly resources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the past 5 years and appropriate for health care and health informatics content.