Job Position Justification

This presentation need to help flesh out why a newly created position is needed and important for the organization. This will be presented to the hospital CFO for approval. Please put in speaker notes and at least 5 references from scholarly articles within the past 5 years. I started on this but need assistance completing. Use the attached power point to duplicate slides (all slides must have the blue trim with the miracles made daily logo. There is no limit to the amount of slides. However, this will be at least a 15-30 min presentation.

1. Summary

a. Describe how other organizations have APRN’s on the mother baby unit (post-partum).

i. Citation needed for this

2. The job title

a. Mother Baby APRN

i. Define the position

ii. Function of the job

iii. Responsibility

3. Do Research on Revenue for APRNs in mother baby (post-partum)

a. Define fact about the need for this positon

b. How will this position help the organization cut cost

4. Create a pivot table for discharges before 1pm for the past 2 years (See below for numbers)

5. State the benefits to the company

a. Identify an inefficiency or problem

i. Consequences of the problem should be spelled out in detail

6. Negative impacts to the company without the positon

7. Gaps and needs for the position

8. Describe the potential job in great detail

a. Outline what the job entails and what kind of person would be ideal for the role

i. List tasks the job requires and what kind of skill set is necessary

ii. The position will be full time

9. Finish with a call of action

a. Reiterate the points made previously

b. Wrap up the main benefits of the position and talk about how its necessary for the company

10. Reference page

a. At least 5 references from scholarly articles within the past 5 years.